Monday, January 9, 2012

Dance, Punnet Squares and Creative Juices

This past weekend brought with it an exciting new season of life ~ rehearsing for my next musical theater production. Choreography rehearsals began on Friday, and over the weekend I danced a total of 14 hours. I came out of the weekend with sore hamstrings, tired feet, and an aching back, but despite the pain, I came out of the weekend with indescribable joy. Surrounded by people I love, perfecting new dances, learning new skills...It all just puts a grin on my face. I think dancing just about the only thing in the world that makes me so sore and so happy at the same time.

Living at the studio all weekend meant, of course, that I had to cram all of my homework in today. I always manage to get to Monday and think, "Where did my weekend go? Why do I do this to myself?" I guess this question can be simply answered by the fact that any human being would rather spend their precious free time snuggling with a blanket, drinking chai and watching a Hallmark movie than studying punnet squares and pedigree charts. Seriously, that's just common sense!

Well, I have given up on trying to figure out the hodge podge of gibberish and diagrams that my biology teacher calls a worksheet, and I decided to expend my creative juices for the day on a blog post. Do you ever get those days when you are just itching to do something creative; just longing to break out the glue gun? Well, today I had one of those days. Unfortunately, however, I had to suppress my creative juices all day in order to put my energy toward deciphering scientific code. Ugh.

So, what we have here is a tangle of my excitements, frustrations, and held-in-way-too-long creative juices all wrapped up into three paragraphs

Story. Of. My. Life.

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