Thursday, December 1, 2011

He's Always Teaching...I'm Always Learning

God is so good! He is always revealing new things to me and He has a way of doing it just at the right time. The past few months have been a season of great growth and learning, and He is teaching me amazing things!

He is teaching me...

I need to have faith! I often forget or take for granted that He really does listen to my prayers. He has been teaching me in every day life, that when I talk to Him, He answers. I have been seeing answers to even the smallest prayers in my life... He hears me!!!

It really does not matter what others think of me! I just need to love Jesus and the people around me with all I am, and in the end, the only opinion that matters is His!

When I stress too much over doing everything right (loving others, being humble, being patient, having a gentle spirit, praying continually, casting my cares upon Him, etc etc etc) all I gain is a higher stress level and a lack of joy. Instead of trying to do everything right on my own, I just need to fall more in love with Him and draw near to Him. When I do this, the rest follows naturally.

Time with Him and in the word is so sweet, and I need to have more of it! My quiet time often gets pushed off for other things on my schedule when really I should make Him my number one priority. He has been showing me that as I draw near to Him and spend time with Him, He will draw near to me in amazing ways! Jesus is addicting! When I am consistent in my time with Him, I don't want to stop!


  1. Love finding other women who love Jesus!

    Blessings, jann

  2. Isn't it amazing how true this is!
    HE is so faithful and good to draw us unto, and into, Himself...teaching us all the while!
    Thanks for sharing, Eliza.

    Jane Bond