Thursday, August 11, 2011

Photo Adventure Part III: The Tracks

 The last stop on our photo-taking adventure was an abandoned caboose alongside the railroad tracks in town. I absolutely loved the vintage/rustic style it had. Overall, I think that this group of pictures is my favorite.


That's all for my photo adventure. Have a good day!


  1. Did you take these photos, Eliza? They are awesome! Great work. Very good eye and creative dynamics. Love the colors on the railroad ties, the door with the red knob, and the crossing pic. I'm impressed. Good work.

  2. Hi, new to your blog. Love the pictures. Really beautiful. I really like the one with the red door knob also. I went back and looked at your other photo adventures. Just beautiful. Great eye!!

  3. Sorry! Just now getting your comments!

    Marty- Yes, these are mine. Thanks!

    Melissa- Hello! Welcome to my blog :) Thank you very much!